Commit to defeating your MS

Multiple Sclerosis is never going away, but how you adjust to it can greatly change the quality of your life.

People tell me all the time that they are trying to eat better or exercise more.  Going in half way doesn’t work.  You need to find the right diet & exercise regimen that works for you & embrace that lifestyle change.  It won’t be easy, but over time, I have found the results to be amazing!  People within the MS community as well as out are all asking “what have you done?”  What I have done through trial & error is found what works for me.


Enjoy the day, Ray

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

More & More information is coming out about the positive effects of exercise & MS.  Do what you can & never risk injuring yourself.  Not only does exercise help you physically, it can help you mentally & help you sleep better.

Medical Marijuana

There are different views on this controversial subject.  Here is my recent experience: I have a medical card & smoke a small amount at 9:00 P.M. every night.  If I don’t smoke, I only sleep 1 or 2 hours.  If I do smoke, I sleep 6-7 hours.

I had run out & had no time to go to the dispensary yesterday.  I took some CBD oil (legal in all 50 states).  Last night while asleep, my legs were spasming so bad that my wife thought that I was having a seizure.  I wasn’t.  The THC & CBD combination in medical marijuana calms my nerves.

I guess it helps!

Enjoy the day, Ray


No Dairy???

Happy Sunday,

I am following a program: Overcoming MS.  by Dr George Jelinek from Australia.  He has MS & his mother had MS.

The first part of the OMS Recovery Program is: Eat Well.

There is more to it, but one major facet is to eliminate dairy completely.  It’s hard but I did so about a month ago. I have less fatigue.

We are the only species that drinks the milk of another species & once a calf is weened of its mother’s milk, it will not drink the mothers milk.

Enjoy the Day, Ray

No magic pill for MS

Everyone seems to hope for a cure for MS.  There is no cure, however they are making great strides in treating symptoms.  Someone once said, “suck it up cupcake.”  Not to be harsh, but you need to figure it yourself.  Take control of your MS & figure out how what works BEST FOR YOU!  Figure out a healthy diet, exercise program, alternative treatments, proper medications that work for you & adopt the right mindset for you.  The key word is YOU!  No one cares more about your health than you.  Remember, YOU are a member of a very exclusive group and YOU are an MS warrior so strive to figure out what works best for YOU.

Mandel MS Brain Symposium

Yesterday was the MS professionals day at the symposium.  The reception of our 8′ tour bus cut out was incredible.  We are gathering signatures to represent what we will be doing next year nationally.    Day 2 is today, Saturday October 29th, is patient day!  People with MS & their care partners will be coming today .  Should be outstanding! syposium-booth

Enjoy the day, Ray

MSAA Swim update & other stuff

Week 7 complete.  20.5 miles!  I would encourage everyone to get into a pool & move around.  You can do whatever you can & if you fall, you don’t get hurt!  I am getting in the best shape of my life & the weight machines are getting lighter.

I am in a study at UConn to test the bacteria in my gut (majority 0f my immune system) & the results are showing the my gut seems to be lacking certain flora that people that don’t have MS have.  I will keep you posted.

Enjoy the day, Ray

Swim for MS – MSAA

Swim update Week 5:  13.5 miles complete!  This is hard.  I have found that doing a half mile (66 laps) rather than a full mile (132 laps) at a time works better for me.  A full mile takes too much out of me.  After a half mile, I sit for 10 minutes then I’m ready to go.

Someone in the pool asked: Why don’t I swim?  I responded that I can’t because my legs cramp up because I have MS.  I just walk with the resistance paddles.

They then asked: Do you use a wheel chair? My response was no & I’m doing this to hopefully never need a chair.  The public doesn’t understand that MSers conditions vary greatly from no limitations to bedridden & we just adapt to our individual abilities.

Enjoy the day, Ray