Don’t isolate yourself!

Happy Tuesday,

MS can be very lonely.  Once you experience symptoms, you may lose friends for various reasons. My solution was to make new friends in the MS community.  What I found is that my new circle of friends are the niciest, friendliest group of people who get what we go through.  I woke up at 2 A.M. because I had medical MJ before 9 P.M. so I went on FB & was contacted by a friend who says their are no support groups near her. Unfortunately she is right.  Even though he are 100’s of support groups in the US, we need more.  There are many MS support groups on line and 100’s of MS dinners every week.  I make it a point to meet as many fellow MSers as possible.  MS events  & online groups are great ways to do this.

Jen messaging me at 2 A.M. from Wisconsin made my night/day.  Thanks Jen.

Enjoy your day,


Someone always has it worse than me.

Good Morning,

Talking to fellow MSers around the country, I realized that no matter how bad I feel, someone always feels worse.

Talk about putting MS in its place!  I just keep sticking to my diet & exercise regimine because I know it helps.

My advise to you is to fgure out what works for you & Just do it!

Enjoy your day,


The passing of David Moreau, a fearless MS Warrior


The MS community lost a leader yesterday, who may or may not have realized how many fellow MSers he touched & inspired.

He had the MS hug for a couple of weeks which subsided the end of last week.  He said it was back on Monday, his death may or may not have been MS related, but in typical Dave fashion, he had another lesson for us.  That is not to believe every synptom or ailment we have is caused by MS.  Just because we have MS, doesn’t mean we don’t have other health issues.

Enjoy your day,


Don’t forget you have MS

Happy Saturday.

I forgot that I have MS & overdid it.  May have brought on a mini-exaserbation.  I couple of days of rest, I back at it, just going slower & staying cool & hydrated.

Enjoy your day,


Hello Dr. “YOU”

Happy rainy Monday:

The more that I learn about MS, the more I realize that I have to try different things to help my MS.  You always want to keep your healthcare team informed & follow their recommendations, however speak to as many fellow MSers as you can & try to figure out what works best for YOU & try different things as far as diet & exercise (mental & physical).  When you find something that helps write yourself the mental prescription to do it!

Enjoy your day,


Thank you MS!

Happy Friday,

It may seem strange, but MS is not all bad.

Because of MS:

-I have adopted a healthy diet

-Exercise more than ever

-Am stronger willed than ever, and am a much happier person with a positive outlook

-Have met some of the most incredible people who I never would have met

So thank you MS!!!

Enjoy your day,


Just do it!

Happy Sunday,

Sixty miles on Minuteman Bike MS ride!  It may not seem like much to a healthy person, but for someone with MS, it’s major!

Never tell someone with MS that they can’t do something, because WE WILL!

These Bike MS events have motivated me to apply for grants to get Ti-trikes to help others with MS just do it & ride!

The feeling of freedom is life changng.

I need to rest today

Enjoy your day,


Riding a recumbent trike with MS!

Happy Saturday,

I got a recumbent trike to ride in Bike MS events.  After not being on a bicycle in over 6 year because of bad balance, I am able to ride again.  Talk about exhilarating!  OMG!  The feeling of freedom is beyond words.  So many people with MS say,”I can’t ride.”  With a power assist not power driven TI-Trike, I bet you can!

In conjunction with CT adaptive cycling, we are applying to serveral pharmaceutical companies to get 20 Ti-Trikes, a trailer & truck so we can bring bicycles to BikeMS rides around the country so that people with MS that want to ride, CAN!  This will be part of the MS-GO national awareness tour.

Enjoy the day,