The MS-GO National Awareness Tour is geared to raise awareness of, educate people about Multiple Sclerosis and help people with MS know they are not alone in their challenges.  Based on the recently published number of people with Multiple Sclerosis in the US to be over 987,000, MS awareness needs to increase throughout the United States.

Our goal is to have over 500,000 people who have a connection to MS, sign the Bus.  We will visit as many MS treatment centers and attend as many MS events (patient education programs, MS walks, bike rides & Muckfests) as possible to gather signatures.

What we found is that people with MS have a need to feel connected and “part of something.”  We want to make them feel they are.  Public awareness will be raised by the appearance of the 40’ wrapped tour bus on the road across the country with sponsor names & signatures and by local & TV appearances.

 Sponsorships:  Sponsorships are available for $5,000 to $100,000.  Sponsors will have their company logo on the sides or rear of the tour bus.  Logo will be sized according to the sponsorship amount. Note to pharmaceutical companies: The FDA’s only requirement is that drug names not be shown on the tour bus.  Written drug information provided by sponsors will be displayed while on tour for distribution is allowed as long as it contains the legal indications & warnings.  The tour bus will have an outdoor TV to loop approved videos, commercials & slides.  Non-Pharmaceutical products do not have any limitations.

The MS-GO National Awareness Tour is operating as a separate entity as a division of the Children and Adult Mobility Project, Inc., an approved 501C(3) non profit organization seperate from the MS-GO event calendar which is a publication of Support Info go, Inc. MS-GO averages over 3,000 daily views and 26,000 subscibers who get weekly state updates listing over 10,000 events in 2019.