Hello Dr. “YOU”

Happy rainy Monday: The more that I learn about MS, the more I realize that I have to try different things to help my MS.  You always want to keep your healthcare team informed & follow their recommendations, however speak to as many fellow MSers as you can & try to figure out what works […]

Thank you MS!

Happy Friday, It may seem strange, but MS is not all bad. Because of MS: -I have adopted a healthy diet -Exercise more than ever -Am stronger willed than ever, and am a much happier person with a positive outlook -Have met some of the most incredible people who I never would have met So […]

Just do it!

Happy Sunday, Sixty miles on Minuteman Bike MS ride!  It may not seem like much to a healthy person, but for someone with MS, it’s major! Never tell someone with MS that they can’t do something, because WE WILL! These Bike MS events have motivated me to apply for grants to get Ti-trikes to help […]

Use it or lose it!

Happy Sunday, A friend of mine runs aquatic exercise classes for people with rumetoid arthritis.  She says that she sees people move after class move noticably better.  The same holds true for most chronic health conditions.  So even though it may be hard & painful to move, you need to do something every day. Enjoy […]