Happy Tuesday,

MS can be very lonely.  Once you experience symptoms, you may lose friends for various reasons. My solution was to make new friends in the MS community.  What I found is that my new circle of friends are the niciest, friendliest group of people who get what we go through.  I woke up at 2 A.M. because I had medical MJ before 9 P.M. so I went on FB & was contacted by a friend who says their are no support groups near her. Unfortunately she is right.  Even though he are 100’s of support groups in the US, we need more.  There are many MS support groups on line and 100’s of MS dinners every week.  I make it a point to meet as many fellow MSers as possible.  MS events  & online groups are great ways to do this.

Jen messaging me at 2 A.M. from Wisconsin made my night/day.  Thanks Jen.

Enjoy your day,