Just Exercise!

I’ve been told recently by several people that they have witnessed my overcoming my MS through a positive mindset, a healthy diet and daily exercise.  They believe that exercise has made the most significant difference.  I agree 100%. With the possible exception of eliminating dairy from my diet, which may have had an equal effect, exercise has been the one thing that has made a tremendous difference.  I exercise daily!  Whether it is riding my recumbent bike, resistance training at the gym, walking a half a mile in the pool with resistance paddles or just stretching, any muscle movement helps.

Move or lose it!  I don’t want to lose the progress that I have made.  If you have MS, you need to at least stretch EVERY DAY!  Even just stretch in the morning in bed or while watching TV.  You need to keep your neuropathways working as best as you can.  Don’t over exert or hurt yourself , but just move your muscles.

Enjoy your day,