Attitude is everything!

On Facebook today, so many people were complaining about their ailments.  We all have good days & bad days, but stop laying around & doing nothing.  You’ll feel so much better if you accomplish something, no matter how small, you did it!  “It” doesn’t really matter what “it” is.  It can be a chore or […]

Even more on diet!

So, you have the food industry trying to push crap on you & people saying they “cured” their MS with their diet. The medical community has stated that exercise, a healthy diet & DMD medication “helps” improve your MS symptoms. I have experienced how my MS has improved following this advise.  I’m also following my […]

Diet & MS

Their are numerous eating regimes recommended for people with MS.  The only thing that is proven to benefit us, is a healthy, low fat diet. YOU HAVE TO FIND THE RIGHT DIET THAT HELPS MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD & FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE! What works for me:  A Paleo diet with limited sugar.  I have taken […]

Staying cool with MS.

This oppressive heat has been especially bad for us with MS.  The biggest effect heat seems to greatly increase fatigue. Heat can even cause pseudo exacerbations that will subside once you cool down.  My experience has been cooling two parts of my body helps cool my entire body.  One is your neck.  If you don’t […]